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All-Business-Letters is the most comprehensive library of business letter samples available today. Bringing together professionals and expert in each field , and the efficiency of an executive secretary.

Including over 4500 essential business, sales and marketing letters + writing guidelines in more than 1,000 categories which virtually covers all situations and conditions in any business.


- Improve your overall productivity by rapidly handling virtually all business situations and conditions:
Sales & Marketing Management - Routine Customer Transaction - Business Transactions - Goodwill & Ongoing Customer Relations - The Sales Cycle - Public Relations - Personnel Issues - Human Relations - Proposals & Reports
- Powerful word processing which presents the right tools when you need them, making it easy to format your documents quickly with ability of opening and editing multiple documents in same time
- Enhanced documents categorization structure for Speeding up your business
- Browse, find and view documents easily and quickly
- Easy and quick access to the most common documents using save function and Document toolbar
- Advanced grammar check system to check your writings grammatical correctness and to help you eliminate grammatical errors with ease.
- First-class live-spelling system for checking documents and suggesting replacements for misspelled words.
- Thesaurus dictionary containing over 1000 context topics to help you enrich and improve your writings/
- Robust and optimized documents search system
- Enhanced documents categorization structure for Speeding up your business
- Navigate long documents easily with Thumbnails split view. Thumbnails let you view the layout of your entire document at once. You can also go to any page by clicking on its thumbnail
- Document Browser toolbar for easy and quick access to saved and archived documents
- Send faxes directly from the software. You have all the tools needed to send your documents through fax quickly, efficiently and easily. The fax capabilities turns your computer into a complete system for sending fax.
- Sending emails directly from the software in both TXT and HTML format, using Microsoft® Outlook or Outlook Express Publish your documents to PDF without needing Adobe® Acrobat® Distiller or any other PDF printer driver so anyone with the free Adobe Acrobat reader can review them.
- Publish your documents to PDF without needing Adobe® Acrobat® Distiller or any other PDF printer driver so anyone with the free Adobe Acrobat reader can review them.
- Save documents as Rich Text Format (.RTF) which is compatible with Windows, Mac & Linux/Unix word processors such as Microsoft® Word and Corel® WordPerfect
- Export documents to must of the popular and major formats such as HTM, TIF, JPG and GIF
- Import Microsoft® Word files (.DOC), including Microsoft® Word 2002
- Import Corel® WordPerfect (.WPD), including Corel® WordPerfect 6.X
- Copy and paste formatted text to word processors such as Microsoft® Word
- Auto-insert your business profiles and information to avoid mistake while writing them
- Print Document with Preview feature which lets you see the document before you print it so you can avoid printing mistakes
- Scan documents & import to software directly
- Edit images quickly using easy to use image editor

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