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Writing Effective Marketing Letters Like a Pro!

With All-Business-Documents software you get ready-to-use marketing letters to help you find the perfect words to say, plus practical writing guidelines and tips provided by professionals.

One of the best ways to inform potential customers about your business, with the least amount of expense, is to mail out marketing letters to your target market. An effective marketing letter can get the best results you need. A well-written marketing letter, addressed to the right person, can transform a "potential customer" into a "buyer."

Marketing Letter

Before start writing marketing letter you must define you marketing strategy and your market. Research to find out who makes the buying decision for your products or services?
A letter addressed "To whom it may concern," will be tossed out as junk mail. But if you’ve addressed your letter to "Ms. Jane Smith," chances are the letter will reach her.

Write an effective marketing letter following steps:

  • Find out who read you marketing letter. Step into the mind and the shoes of the person reading your marketing letter. Everything you write in your marketing letter should be designed to meet potential customer needs.

  • Keep your marketing letter simple as much as possible. Don’t use confusing words and sentence structure in your marketing letter

  • Make you marketing letter concentrated on benefits and advantages of what you are offering, write about your products and services quality, durability, customer service and etc.

  • Don't forget using magic word – YOU in your marketing letter. By using the word "YOU" in your copy, you are forcing yourself to have a personal conversation with your potential customer reading your marketing letter.

  • AIDA Follow this classic rule of writing marketing letter and you can't go too wrong.

    AIDA stands for

    • Attention: You need to get their attention by your marketing letter; This normally happens by selecting a good headline.

    • Interest: Create some interest

    • Desire: Turn the interest into a real desire for what you are offering

    • Action: Make it very clear in your marketing letter what action people need to take to begin a relationship with you

Simply follow this process to write an effective marketing letter.

Effective and professionally written marketing letters are included in our business writing software. Get the entire collection of more than 6000 sample business letters that can be modified according to need plus writing guidelines provided by experts.


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