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Writing Sales Letters


Writing an Effective Sales Letter

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With our all-in-one business writing tool you get ready-to-use Writing Sales letters to help you find the perfect words to say, plus writing practical guidelines and tips provided by professionals.

Focus on the benefits

You need to establish credibility and be believable by the second paragraph of your sales letter. This is where you explain who you are, why you're the best choice and what you have to offer.

As a writer writing sales letters, you should know the type of needs the potential customers faces. Try to explain in you sales letter for the potential customer what he and his business can gain by using your solution and stress the possible consequences of not taking action now to solve this problem. Usually, it means an increase in profitability or productivity

Once you have a clear idea of what you can use to motivate your potential customer, set out to design your sales letter. Try to answer these questions in your sales letter:

  • Who needs your products/service?

  • How is your product/service different?

  • What do you offer which other competitor don't?

  • What does you product/service do for the one who needs it?

  • What can the customer gain from buying your product/service?

  • Why should your reader Act Now?

So create a list of benefit. By creating a list of benefits and advantages the potential customer gets with your product/service you better your chance of listing the one thing they really need.

Make your sales letter easy to follow

If you ask the reader to order, support, or to contact you for the specified reason you must make it easy for him to reply.
Needless to say, ordering details must be clearly visible and simple to follow.

Final word

Just make sure that your sales letter is believable and truthful.

Writing Effective Sales Letters

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