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I'm working in a large company and we use PDF format widely to publish our manuals and catalogs electronically.
Before utilizing ParmisPDF I never thought I would see the day where I could free myself of Adobe Acrobat. ParmisPDF is amazing fast and easy to use. ParmisPDF Professional batch operation feature did its job perfectly. It performed a list of operations on our PDF documents nicely and much more easier and faster than Adobe Acrobat.
ParmisPDF presents a winning combination of functionality and value.

Annabel Claudel,


Since I brought your software last Monday, I have already used it over 20 times - and it makes everything so fast and easy!

Allen Williams,


I'm very happy with All-Business-Letters, I believe It really value more than $39.95. Built-in word processor and fax system are very useful.

Julie Clarke,


Just downloaded ParmisPDF and I wondered how you packed so much into the new version especially considering the small size of the application.
I switched to ParmisPDF when I found out ParmisPDF covers all our needs and can execute all operations with an amazing speed and great results.

Robert Medlin,


Thank for such this handy tool, After using it now for over three weeks it really works!. I can create all my letters now very fast, I'm not worry how to start my letters right now.

Rahim Shabaan,


It's really amazing, I think this software really cover all business situation and conditions.

Robin Taylor


This software is one of the most useful tools I have ever bought for my business. Although I'm skillful in speaking English, But writing business letters in English language is something else and this software really helped me.

Mina Karimi,


I just found your All-Business-Letters so easy and effective to use. I have a lot of letters to write everyday - and it just makes everything so much faster and easier. Many thanks!

John Braduly


Over-all, excellent, simple software that does its job nicely! We use it every hour - and that's probably the best choice.

Peggy Connor


I believe letters are important in business - but always I was in troubles at them - so having your software has helped me create not only create faster but also better and in standard format.

Geoffrey Nichols


I like using your software because it now allows me have extra time to develop my business. For that alone it has more than paid for itself . Best Regards!

Anne Laffoy


I can heartily recommend All-Business-Letters. We use it everyday in our trading company and it's great.

Paul Hutton

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