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Reporting Software Piracy

Software piracy equals lost wages, lost jobs, and unfair competition. Struggling to fight against piracy, some companies must devote resources to anti-piracy technology, ultimately slowing down the development of better products and services. Others fail under the pressure of prices that legal resellers can't match. Reporting piracy means keeping a level playing field, and ensuring the most reliable products for your customers.

You can help stop this illegal and harmful activity. Knowing how to spot and avoid illegal software, and reporting suspected intellectual property violations when you encounter them, can have a positive impact on the fight against piracy. Please learn more about this criminal activity, and take action.

report piracy: .

InforDesk receives thousands of leads per month and is dedicated to acting on each one we receive. We evaluate every lead that comes in—and while we can't always communicate what we are doing with the leads for legal reasons, please know that each lead is taken very seriously and acted upon.


So what happens when you report software piracy?

  • Your lead is received by a team of individuals who respond.

  • Education - A letter may be sent to the company stating that they have been reported for allegedly distributing InforDesk software in an unauthorized manner.

  • A secret shopper may make a purchase from the company that was reported.

  • The individual who submitted the lead may be contacted for further information/evidence (invoice, software).

  • If evidence regarding the company is gathered, a cease and desist letter may be sent.

  • The evidence developed may be used in a legal proceeding against the reported company.

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