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InforDesk softwares are frequently enhanced with new features, minor improvements and bug fixes. When a new version of a software is released the version number is changed to reflect the amount of change from the previous version. This version number is split into two parts described below:

Major - The Major number is incremented when many extensive new features are added to the product.
Minor - The Minor number is incremented when a small amount of minor improvements changes or a series of bug fixes are rolled up for the product.

Minor changes are classified as an Update; for example the releases of v3.0 through v3.1 are classed as updates our policy is that updates are always released free of charge. You can download the new version and install it and your existing activation code will automatically unlock the new update.

Major changes are classified as an Upgrade; for example the release from v2.x to v3.x. Our policy for upgrades requires an upgrade fee to be purchased.

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